For more than 30 years, we’ve been here to make sure disabled and terminally ill children get the chance to thrive. ​

Newlife’s mission is to do all we can to ensure disabled and terminally ill children get the best quality of life possible.​ We provide life-changing specialist disability equipment as grants and loans to thousands of children each year. As the UK’s only charity providing emergency equipment loans to disabled children who have reached crisis point and urgently need help, we offer a lifeline to those children and their families who just cannot wait.

And that’s not all.

Our Nurse Helpline offers essential support to families in need, providing vital information, signposting to key services – or just being someone to listen.

We support adults with additional needs with volunteering and employment opportunities, providing a means for career development.

Through pioneering research, we have forged vital advances in medical science.​ And through advocacy and campaigning, we have given disabled children a voice, even being instrumental in changing laws for the benefit of the families we serve.

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Working with major brands and retailers to make a difference

Ahead of its time, Newlife was forging brand partnerships and providing a unique retail experience with sustainability and a drive to help disabled children and their families at its heart. ​

Through Newlife Online and our ten retail stores we work with stock partners to recycle donated stock, giving a ‘New Life’ to clothes which would otherwise end up in landfill. Profits from our retail stores go directly towards funding our charity aims, enabling us to help more and more children each year.

Brand new stock donated by our brand partners is processed and any branding removed as necessary by dedicated Newlife staff and volunteers, before being sent to our online store and ten retail stores across the UK to be sold at discounted prices.​

With environmental sustainability and social impact as the driving forces, we turn their end-of-life, excess and waste stock into positive change.