Who are Newlife?

Established in 1991, Newlife is the largest charitable provider of specialist equipment to children in the UK, striving to change the lives of disabled and terminally ill children by giving them the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

As well as providing life-changing and life-saving equipment when and where needed, we also offer a lifeline to families through our national Nurse Helpline which provides expert information and support.

We support parents and carers, work with health professionals and strive for a future where all children with disabilities get the equipment they need to simply enjoy everyday life. We also run the only fast-track equipment services in the UK, helping any child in need of vital equipment.

By shopping at one of our ten Newlife Fashion Stores or Newlife Online, you can help change the life of a disabled child. Not only do all profits go to helping disabled and terminally ill children across the UK, but Newlife also helps save the planet by preventing brand new clothes from high street retailers going into landfill.

There are several other ways you can support Newlife too. Either take up your own fundraising challenge, get involved with your company as a corporate donor, or donate directly here to help change a child’s life today.


Services We Offer

Child & Family Support – offering a gateway for families to receive support, information and equipment provisions.

Equipment Grants – providing specialist equipment to children with disabilities, from beds to buggies, wheelchairs and more.

Emergency Equipment Loans - offering free loan of equipment which can help children at significant risk of injury or in urgent need.

Play Therapy Pods – providing a free loan of specialist sensory toys to disabled and terminally ill children, delivered direct to their door.


Shop With Us

As a charity, we work with over 160 high street and high end retailers, recycling their goods and helping them to achieve their environmental social responsibility.

We de-brand all stock donated to us, and sell it on through our stores, website and eBay store - so you get fantastic products for a fantastic price. 

Some stock donated to us by retailers may be last season’s items or returns. We use a smart grading system for all our online products to offer full transparency of condition.

Grading Table

You can find even more amazing offers over on our eBay store



Our Stores

We have stores based across the UK

  • Newlife Newport
  • Newlife Burton
  • Newlife Yeovil
  • Newlife SuperStore (Cannock)
  • Newlife Plus+ (Cannock)
  • Newlife Home (Cannock)
  • Newlife Yardley
  • Newlife Moreton
  • Newlife Markey Drayton
  • Newlife High Wycombe


To find out more about our charity, how you can be involved, or to read more about the work we do, please visit our charity website below.

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Or to support our cause, please click the donate link below.


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