• Shopping at Newlife is good for the environment, good for your pocket and good for disabled children and their families.

    We recycle goods from major retailers and companies helping them achieve their environmental social responsibility policies. 

    Often offering a 'second life' for items that would end up at landfill. As a result we offer clothing, textiles, footwear, accessories, house wares, gifts and on occasion furniture, books, electrical items, toys and much more across our online spaces and retail stores.

    Where we can't do this we break down the item for raw material reclamation that allows the fabrics of the item to be re-used.

  • Newlife provides supportive care through a national nurse-lead Helpline which offers information to families and professionals caring for disabled and terminally ill children.

    Qualified and experienced Nurses are available on Newlife’s free Helpline to provide confidential information and compassionate support.

    We provide funding for essential community equipment, such as beds, buggies, wheelchairs, seating systems, and much more, under our Equipment provisions that can improve child health, reduce risk of injury and pain, as well as support delivery of care – while enabling childhood experiences and encouraging independence.